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Ernie began writing songs shortly after leaving the womb. At first, his lyrics were a tad screechy and incoherent, but as he reached the age of 18 months he started incorporating actual words into his texts. Melody came a bit later during his terrible twos when he wrote the hit song "No!" which brought him much notoriety among his playgroup peers, more for the atonal harmonics that stretched past the diatonic status quo than for the anarchist implication of the lyrics. A string of hits followed, "I Hate Mommy" and the groundbreaking "Secret Playtime with Uncle Billy" being the most notable.

Then came the long dry spell where he turned to booze and pills...

Ok writing a bio for yourself is hard. And they tend to be dry and tedious. See, two sentences into the _real_ part and you're yawning, aren't you?

Here it is in a nutshell. I've been a lot of places and done a lot of things. I'm a composer. I'm a lyricist. An actor and a singer. I write plays and essays and political diatribes and draw cartoons occasionally. I wrote theater reviews for a while. I did a few albums and toured around a bit. The first of which is permanently out of print due to the embarrassment it causes me. The second, Bliss, was chosen by Billboard Magazine as "Unsigned Artist - Album of the Year", an award that gained me nothing but a cool blurb for this bio. The third, Better Days also got a great review in Billboard referring to me as a "Bona-fide star". More blurbalicious words.

After my third CD I got accepted into the BMI Lehman - Engel Musical Theater Workshop in NYC for composer/lyricists and have been focusing on writing for the stage ever since. The stage suits me. I am working on several projects that you can see on my Musicals page. Most notable, Monsters written in collaboration with my friend Gail Phaneuf, had a production in Boston in 2006 and several successful readings in NYC during 2008. We're looking for investors for a New York production. If you're reading this and have an extra mil to spare, have I got a deal for *you*.

Beyond the CDs and the Musicals, I just write songs. All the time. Endlessly. Often out loud in public. The ones that have made it through my strict mental editing filter and made it to the page have been performed by jazz singers and cabaret artists all over the map and several have been recorded. My most memorable moment in this arena was getting to stand up and take a bow after the a cappella group Mystery Date sang my holiday song "All I want for Christmas" at Carnegie Hall. Afterwards, a music historian approached me to congratulate me and said "As far as I know, you are the first composer to have a song sung at Carnegie Hall that has the word 'bitch' in it twice".

Little did he know that it was said 4 times in the original. I thought it best to tone it down for such a respectable establishment.

I am working on many other projects that aren't listed here because they are still in too much of an inchoate form so keep your eyes peeled. Or open. Peeling them would sting.

I also perform live with my guitar and do a lot of comedy songs. Feel free to contact me for more information if you want to book me.

I will be adding material to this site continually. Feel free to check back.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ernie Lijoi